Our Rx Research Staffing division provides comprehensive, flexible, cost-effective staffing solutions for the life sciences industry. By absorbing the roles and responsibilities as Employer of Record, we set your company free to meet business objectives in a dynamic industry. Shield your company from liabilities, preserve intellectual property, and retain valuable talent. Our comprehensive screening process guarantees the pros you need, when you need them.

Partner with RxRS, and you can:

  • Fill critical positions fast with our network of proven experts. Temp-to-hire, contractors, internships, long and short term-hiring—we provide flexible, creative staffing solutions when time is critical.
  • Find the best candidate among our talented and always expanding client pool. Fine-tune your search and target hard-to-find niche professionals who meet your unique requirements.
  • Unburden your company with our full personnel management. As Employer of Record, we alleviate managerial burdens, freeing you to leverage resources toward critical objectives.
  • Retain and protect valuable talent and intellectual property through our administrative oversight, and ensure legal compliance. Minimize risks and liabilities, and cut through red tape.